At Odds - Tyler Perry's Acrimony by M. Glenn Gore

We're trying something new at Tangent 1985! Every once in a while, we have differing opinions on the movies we see, so whenever that happens, we're going to change things up by offering you a longform, podcast-styled point/counterpoint review, and we're kicking things off with Tyler Perry's Acrimony!

In Like Glenn - Tomb Raider by M. Glenn Gore

Get ready to desecrate the dead! Today at Tangent 1985, we're grave-robbing the new Tomb Raider with our full-length review of the underwhelming adaptation based on the video game reboot of the old games they based the Angelina Jolie films on.

In Like Glenn - E11 - Red Sparrow by M. Glenn Gore

Today at Tangent 1985, we fuel up our Aston Martins, don our best tuxedos, and wind our laser watches to break down Red Sparrow, the brutal, new, not-quite-Cold War spy thriller from Lawrences Francis and Jennifer. This episode also includes a brief history of the spy movie.