M. Glenn Gore is an animation screenwriter, comic book scriptwriter, cartoon concept creator, comic/graphic novel and commissions artist, character designer, storyboard artist, computer colorist, voice actor, and YouTube channel commentator. He writes and narrates an ongoing movie critique video series for the Tangent 1985 YouTube channel and creates cartoon and comic book concepts for audiences ranging from six years old to adults. His creations span every genre from Comedy and Action to Drama and Science Fiction - something for everyone.

He lives and works in Huntersville, NC just outside of Charlotte with his girlfriend and their ridiculous cats, Chester and Bailey.

Tangent1985 is the umbrella company that covers all of the video, animation, comic, and illustration projects of M. Glenn Gore.

Contact M. Glenn Gore for Inquiries and Commissions by sending an email to mglenngore@tangent1985.com and don't forget to follow and subscribe to Tangent1985 on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter @Tangent1985!